Monday, 25 April 2016

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Collared Pratincole SPDCollared Pratincole, Alikoudi Pool © Steve P. Dudley


Dirt tracks
Take care on all dirt roads. Most hire car insurance does not cover the underside of the car.

Water levels
Wetland levels are already very low in most places including Alykes Wetlands. Tsiknias River and Metochi Lake have good levels.


Plenty of Black-headed Buntings and Bee-eaters around the Gulf of Kalloni and out west today.

Ruddy Shelduck 4
GOLDEN EAGLE adult over high at 1315h
Audouin’s Gull 1

Mt Ordimnos
COMMON ROCK-THRUSH male at fork after plant c.1100h, flew towards wind turbines

Potamia ‘mini’ reservoir
FERRUGINOUS DUCK 6 at the back of the reservoir

Tsiknias River
Great Bittern 1
Little Bittern 1
Glossy Ibis 7
Purple Heron 1
BAILLON’S CRAKE 1 immediately south of ford by the tyre on west side (view from east side)
Little Crake 1
Green Sandpiper 1
Curlew 2
PENDULINE TIT – male still around the ford

Kalloni Saltpans & Alykes Wetlands
FERRUGINOUS DUCK male in moat by north hide
Squacco Heron 1
DALMATIAN PELICAN 1 at 0730h from NE corner hide
Montagu’s Harrier male & fem
SPUR-WINGED PLOVER 3 by channel near racetrack (later seen along beach to west)
Little Stint 20
Curlew Sandpiper 3
Marsh Sandpiper
Black-tailed Godwit 1
Curlew 2
Slender-billed Gull 1
Gull-billed Tern 1
White-winged Tern 14
Lesser Grey Shrike 1
Red-throated Pipit 18

Alikoudi Pool
Collared Pratincole 6
Common Ringed Plover 6
Kentish Plover 2
Little Stint 10
Temminck’s Stint 1
Curlew Sandpiper 1
Common Sandpiper
Greenshank 9
Ruff 8
Bee-eater 22
Lesser Grey Shrike 1

Glossy Ibis 12
Rufous Bush-robin 1 (first of year)

Nr Skala Vasilikon
Olive-tree Warbler 1 (first of year)

Meladia Valley
Little Crake 2
Red-backed Shrike 3

Sigri Fields
Lesser Kestrel 1
ROLLER 2 (first for year)
Spotted Flycatcher 5
Collared Flycatcher 4
Pied Flycatcher 2
Lesser Grey Shrike 1
Red-backed Shrike 1

Purple Heron 1
Eleonora’s Falcon 1
Bee-eater 200+
CITRINE WAGTAIL male on upper ford
Golden Oriole 2
Spotted Flycatcher 10
Red-backed Shrike 2

Lesser Grey Shrike 2

Coast track near Achladeri
Tawny Pipit 1

Hobby 1

Metochi Lake
Purple Heron 1

Mediterranean Gull 2
Ruppell’s Warbler 3
Sardininan Warbler 1

Kalloni Raptor Watchpoint
Short-toed Eagle 4
Goshawk 1
Red-footed Falcon 1
Eleonora’s Falcon 2

Agia Triada, Soumouria (Kalloni mini soccer pitch)
Scops Owl 4 (have been up to 7)

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