Lesvos is still open for business!

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Lesvos, April 2016

Lesvos, April 2016

I’ve not long returned from a month on Lesvos and guess what – I survived! Liz, myself and hundreds of birders enjoyed our annual birding weeks on this most beautiful of Greek Aegean islands. Just look at all the positive posts about this spring’s birding on the Lesvos Birderds Facebook group (a private group but just ask to join and we’ll let you in).

And we all loved Lesvos this spring despite the generality negative media representation of the island and it being on the front line of the refugee crisis. In a month there I saw only a handful of refugees (and had to go looking for them), i saw a coastline that has been cleaned up, I saw small and relatively discrete facilities at key points to support the refugees, and I saw absolutely no signs of any troubles. And by the way, there are virtually no new arriving refugees to the island since the deal with Turkey was struck last month. The crisis has physically impacted only a tiny fraction of the island, and even these few areas are beginning to return to normality with the cessation of arriving refugees.
What I also saw were friends with businesses – hotels, tavernas, cafes – all desperate about their future. The island depends on tourism and tourism is about 10% of what it was 10 years ago. Do the maths, the island cannot survive at that level.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Lesvos remains completely safe and right now pretty much empty of other tourists! So if you want to escape, leave the crowds behind, then please consider Lesvos this summer or next year.
And if you go (or have recently been) and have a great time, then please post a review on your own timeline, post reviews on TripAdvisor and other such sites. The more we do, the more people will see that Lesvos can still be a great holiday destination.

From the UK, Thomas Cook still has weekly flights to Lesvos (www.thomascookairlines.com) with some unbelievable deals available.

Or you can reach Lesvos (Mytilini) daily via Athens (or several times a week via Munich) both of which connect with many European airports.

What I wrote in January is still relevant and I am pleased to say encouraged many people to visit the island this spring. Please read and please come too – see here.


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