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STE 1086 12 Apr 15In 2015 and 2016 Lesvos was dominated by the horrific refugee crisis. Whilst the conflict in Syria is far from resolved, it appears that the route in to Europe via Turkey and Lesvos remains, for the time being at least, closed to fleeing refugees. Lesvos has not seen any significant new arrivals of refugees since the first quarter of 2016.

The withdrawal of charter flights and holidays from across Europe during 2016 was devastating for the island. Some have come back on line, but many have not. For 2017 this includes the main birding weeks of mid-April to early May which up unit 2016 were provided by Thomas Cook, and for 2017 have been deleted from their schedule.

In 2016 the island lost a significant amount of its tourism. Depending on the resort, this was by as much as 95%. 2017 will be little better if we don’t encourage people to travel to the island independently – charter flights and package holidays are not the only option! See here.

The island remains unchanged. It is still the beautiful and relatively unspoilt island many of us have come to love over many years of visiting. And it is safe. In nearly 20 years I have personally never come across any crime or heard of birders being victims of crime. And with fewer tourists there is more chance of losing yourself completely on this fabulously bird-rich island.

So I urge you to go in April and/or early May and book the individual components of your holiday yourself. It is very easy.

There are direct flights to Athens from many European airports including the UK from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Stagnated, Manchester and Edinburgh. Just search in Google for your preferred departure airport or sites such as or

You can book your hotel via sites such as or search for the hotels online and book direct wit the hotel.

Care hire
Book this as normal with your preferred car rental company. There are lots to choose from on Lesvos, and many local firms such as Tsalis, Lesvos Car Hire in additional the regular multinational companies. Car rental companies will deliver the car to either the airport or to your hotel.

Getting from the airport to your hotel
If you are collecting your car form the airport then all good. Just follow these instructions to get from the airport and through Mytilini.

If you need a transfer to your hotel, then either ask your hotel or car rental company to organise it for you, or you can book a taxi with Lesvos Taxi Service.

There is more information on this website in this section.

Thank you for supporting the people of Lesvos.

Steve Dudley
27 December 2016


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