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Please share your bird news with other birders – here’s how.


We now have two great WhatsApp groups set up and run by Phil Hampson with the help of several others (including myself).

To Join, please make sure you are already on WhatsApp (free app for your smart device). Then add this number, +44 7545 465069, and send a WhatsApp message stating your First Name, Surname/Family Name and ask to join. You will receive a confirmation message when accepted.

Please read our WhatsApp Goup guidelines before joining and posting – see here.


icon facebookThe Lesvos Birders Facebook Group is one of the most active birding groups on Facebook and now the defacto news service for the island. I expect folk to post stuff here during their stay on the island. I’ll be checking in to the group each evening to see what has been seen by group members and I’ll do a daily sightings post to the Lesvos Birders Facebook Group each evening when I do the website update and send out the daily tweet.


If you use Twitter, then tag your Lesvos birding tweets with #LesvosBirds for others to see.

what information should I share?

icon question markRecords of all the scarcer and rare species (see species checklist in latest bird report), movements of any raptors or herons, large numbers of crakes, large falls of commoner species, etc. are all wanted. Updates on breeding activity of Kruper’s Nuthatch are also helpful.

Your records

icon mouseFor the annual report we have access to records submitted to the main online services including BirdTrack, eBird and

If you don’t use any of these services, we have a standard Excel spreadsheet which we ask people to use to save us having to input records manually. Thank you.

>> Download the Excel recording sheet here.

Send completed record sheets to Phil Hampson, Lesvos Bird Recorder.


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