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Please share your bird news with other birders by passing on news to me via the bird logs on the island, by text/SMS or by email. Below I explain how to share your news with me so that I can share it with other birders.


logbookI run two logbooks in Skala Kallonis for you share your bird news and for you to find out what others have seen. I myself add as much as I can from what others have passed on to me in each of these logs each date.

Include date, location, species name(s), number of birds and any additional information (which may help others locate the bird, e.g. flyover (direction), feeding with other species, etc).

Please include your FULL NAME and your EMAIL address (at least one) so that you can be contacted about more interesting records.

Hotel Pasiphae, Skala Kallonis
This remains the main birding log on the island and anyone can call into the hotel to read/record their sightings and maybe enjoy a drink too! Please inc. your name and email address or mobile number on at least one of your entries in order for me to contact you if I need to.

Taverna Dionysos, Skala Kallonis
I now have a Lesvos Birding log in at the Taverna Dionysos on the harbour front in Skala. This is great for those who are staying in the village and unable to get in to the Hotel Pasipahe.

Other logs
There are other logs at other hotels but I don’t get to see those so I don’t know what is in them! If you see anything of note you think is known about, then please share it in the main logs or by informing me direct (see below).


icon facebookThe Lesvos Birders Facebook Group is one of the most active birding groups on Facebook and now the defacto news service for the island. I expect folk to post stuff here during their stay on the island. I’ll be checking in to the group each evening to see what has been seen by group members and I’ll do a daily sightings post to the Lesvos Birders Facebook Group each evening when I do the website update and send out the daily tweet.

what information should I share?

icon question markRecords of all the scarcer and rare species (see checklist), movements of any raptors or herons, large numbers of crakes, large falls of commoner species, etc. are all wanted. Updates on breeding activity of Krupers Nuthatch are also helpful.



icon mouseYou can also upload your sightings to Observado. Other users can view sightings via this site too providing an additional news resource.

If you use BirdTrack there is no way of seeing records from other users.


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