Lesvos Birds 2014

LBR14 cover with border


written and compiled by Steve Dudley

This, the sixth annual bird report for Lesvos and running to 204 pages, includes species accounts for all 332 species ever recorded from Lesvos, and detailed accounts for those recorded during 2014, with many colour photographs and various updates on birding sites on the island and more general birding and visitor information.

Many notable rare species are included in the report, including details of the first Lesvos records of Northern Gannet, Pallas’s Warbler and Siberian Stonechat, the first record of the Western Yellow Wagtail subspecies Motacilla flava beema (Sykes’s Wagtail), as well as records of many rarer species: only the second record of Richard’s Pipit; third record of Dotterel, Caspian Gull, Red Kite and Western Yellow Wagtail subspecies M. f. ‘xanthophrys’; the fourth record of Common Rosefinch; the sixth records of Greater White-fronted Goose and Firecrest; the sixth to eleventh records of Steppe buzzard; the seventh record of White-tailed Eagle; the tenth and eleventh records of Stock Dock; eleventh record of Bar-tailed Godwit; the eleventh and twelfth records of Pied Wheatear (and first records for some years); plus records of Ferruginous Duck, Golden Eagle, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Spur-winged Plover, Great Snipe, Terek Sandpiper, Lesser Black-backed Gull and wintering Moustached Warblers.


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