What is and isn’t included in your day trip

Day trips with Lesvos Birding’s Steve Dudley 

I am the only guide to offer day trips to independent birders visiting the island. The itinerary of trips will ensure I reach all the regular favourite and major sites as well as the more far flung corners of the island including some of my favourite nooks and crannies.

This is an excellent way for independent birders to join others to share the Lesvos Birding experience, see new sites, new species and maybe reach areas of the island that you wouldn’t venture to yourself.

Lesvos Birding caters for all birding abilities.


All day trips include transport (start/end at Hotel Pasiphae, Skala Kallonis), fuel, a taverna lunch, and the guiding services of Steve Dudley. Start/finish times as indicated.

Sites listed in each excursion are an indication of the area to be visited. Not all sites listed may be visited and routes may vary to those advertised depending on the birding on the day. Not all the species listed may be seen!

Minimum number of clients is 3. Max group size normally 7.

Email me in advance before you travel to Lesvos. If on the island you can SMS/text me on 00 44 7767 787 287. Beware, there are usually very few places, if any, left by the time I arrive on the island. Advanced booking is essential to get the trip you want.

Advance bookings require payment in full in GBP. Bookings taken on the island  (if places available) require cash payment in Euros.

All day trips include a full taverna lunch at one of my favourite tavernas around the island – often enjoyed just as much as the birding! All tastes are catered for, but seafood and fish are Lesvos specialties and usually enjoyed by Lesvos Birding groups. Let me introduce you to new flavours and smells of real Lesvos cuisine, but you’re welcome to an omelet if you really want one!

since some participants may have to leave their hotel to get to Skala Kallonis before their own hotel starts serving breakfast, my day trippers can enjoy a buffet breakfast at the Pasiphae Hotel for a very reasonable €5 per person.

None of the walks are strenuous, but you should be able to walk up to 3km along rough tracks, in undulating country in warm weather. Bring your own binoculars, scope, camera and water bottle – and I’ll do the rest! I’ll provide more background on what to bring and what to expect on your Lesvos holiday when you book. More information can also be found in my book, A Birdwatching Guide to Lesvos.

Here’s a testimonial from some previous happy day-trippers. Stan and Angela spent a day out west (Lardia Valley, Ipsilou, Sigri) with me in September 2010.

Hi Steve, I just wanted to say how much Angela and I enjoyed the day we spent with you on Lesbos recently. We found the day to be really enjoyable, entertaining and very instructive. You are an inspiration, and, as a result of our day with you, we have resolved to try to improve our birding knowledge and skills. Keep up the good work, and we hope to see you again on Lesbos, perhaps in the Spring.

Best wishes, Stan (Lancashire, UK)



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