Driving through Mytilini

My thanks to Paul Manning for providing this simple map and set of directions for driving through Mytilini for those collecting and returning their hire car from the airport.

  • Mytilene road route web

Driving from the airport, through Mytilini and on to Kalloni

  • Turn left out of Mytilini airport and follow the coastal main road.
  • After a couple of kilometres the road swings slightly inland and up hill – traffic lights at top.
  • After the traffic lights at the top, the road gently descends and you’ll see the port and marina appear in front of you.
  • Continue past the marina (on your right) and immediately after the marina the road passes around what is a large oval shaped roundabout (on your left). Initially, keep in the left lane and as you get to the end of the roundabout move across into the right hand lane and follow the roundabout around the corner to the left.
  • Almost immediately (20m) turn sharp right down a narrow two lane one way street.
  • Keep in the left hand lane and after 300m the road swings slightly left and opens out at a T-junction with a larger road sweeping around a sharp corner now in front of you.
  • Turn left and past a large town park on your left.
  • After c.200m at the far corner of the park, the road joins an open traffic junction with two way traffic. Bear right around island and then straight ahead in to two-way traffic.
  • Continue straight on for c.200m and the road bears right and into a one-way road up hill.
  • The road climbs here through the town and swings sharp left and narrows along the one-way street.
  • You will shortly come out of the town reaching a new stretch of two-way traffic.
  • Continue along this road and enjoy the views as you drive to your destination.


Returning to the airport, from Kalloni

Returning from  Kalloni is more straight forward and is marked on yellow on the map above.
As you enter the outskirts of the Mytilini, the road takes you right into the one way system, keep right and you arrive at the main traffic junction by the town park.
Turn right and follow the airport signs which take you left off this road after c.200m.

NOTE – note some route planners such as AA are incorrect and don’t take into account the one way system.