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A Birdwatching Guide to Lesvos by Steve Dudley is a completely new site guide to the hugely popular Aegean island of Lesvos.

Here  some of the reviews in the birding press and online.

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In British Birds (113: 68-9 | Jan 2010), Alex Lees writes . .

“Short of . . . taking the author with you in your rucksack, there seems little more that you could possibly need . . .”

“. . . claims to ‘set new standards’ in the genre . . . seems to be borne out by a critical appraisal of its contents, and dictated by the author’s evident infatuation with this biogeographically Turkish island.”

“The accounts are exceptionally detailed and user friendly” and the maps “are uncluttered and clear”

“Dipping the ‘flagship species’ . . . should henceforth be the result of bad luck, fieldcraft or timing rather than poor ‘gen’.”

“What separates this book from its peers is its dual function as both site guide and a standard travel guide . . . detailed information on where to eat and where to stay, as well as travel facts . . .”


Birdwatch magazine (Jan 2010) said . . .

“this new work provides a comprehensive update. . . To see Europe’s only Krüper’s Nuthatches, Cinereous Bunting and a whole lot more, it’s a must.”


In BTO News (Mar/Apr 2010), Simon Gillings said . . .

“this is an essential purchase for anyone visiting this superb island”

“a thorough-going site guide, annotated species list, checklists for key taxa for all-round naturalists, plus more generic travelling tips you would normally expect in travel guides”

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In Scottish Birds (29: 251 | Dec 2009), Doreen & James Main write . . .

“This concise guide will, without doubt, be the definitive bible on Lesvos for the foreseeable future.”

“Steve Dudley has compiled a comprehensive guide to Lesvos.”

“The author has extensive knowledge of the island . . .”

“According to the hoteliers and restauranteurs . . . this book has been keenly awaited. The inclusion of Greek [place and bird] names particularly pleased them.”

“The inclusion of Greek names proved very helpful . . . when an Osprey passed close by the locals were puzzled by our excitement. They too became excited when we showed them Osprey in Greek. Another time, a local man tried to tell us about a special bird near his monastery. He wrote it down and we were able to establish that it was a Nightingale.”


The Fatbirder said . . .

“Its easy to read, easy to use and a pleasure to look at.”

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On Surfbirds, Brian Small said . . .

“Lesvos was in need of an up-dated guide, with new sites to visit and at other times of the year than Spring. Steve, who has travelled to Lesvos many times, was an ideal person to do this, and now we have his guide”

“I love the island of Lesvos and cannot recommend it enough as a place to go birding . . . I enjoyed this book and it makes me look forward to the next time I am there.”

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