Getting there

Being an island there are only two ways to get to Lesvos – by air or by sea.


All flights to the island arrive at Mytilini International Airport (MYT) just south of the island’s main town of Mytilini.

Weekly charter flights operate from the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and several other European countries. Check with your local travel agent for details.

Scheduled flights operate daily from Athens (50 minute flight) which can be reached from most major European cities including many UK regional airports e.g. London (Heathrow and Gatwick), Manchester, East Midlands and Edinburgh.

Lesvos is also linked with a direct flight to Thessaloniki so you can combine a week on the island with a week birding in northern Greece (Lake Kerekini, Dadia Mountains, Evros Delta, etc) – a great combination for a birding fortnight. BA operate a flight between London Gatwick and Thessaloniki enabling you to return to the UK without the need of going via Athens (unless you need to connect with another UK airport).


Lesvos is served with daily ferries from Pireaus (Athens) to Mytilini. The 12-hour journey is usually overnight, leavning Pireaus in the evening and arriving at the island the next morning.
Further information

The Pireaus ferry services also connect Lesvos with other nearby Greek islands including Chios and Limnos.

There are also daily ferry service running between Mytilini and Ayvalik, Turkey.
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