August trip reports

130x120 8 AugHere are links to all known trip reports for August (either entirely in August or starting in August and finishing in September).

August remains hot and provides an excellent time to combine a birding and family holiday. Autumn migration starts in earnest this month providing some exciting birding, especially around the few areas holding standing water such as the Kalloni and Polichnitos saltpans.

21 July – 4 August 2007
Robin Edwards report continues to prove that there is plenty of good birding to be had mid-summer.

15 July – 4 August 2007
David Griffiths and family’s second summer on the island

28 August – 10 September 2003
Eoin Jennings

19 August – 4 September 2000
Maudoc Birding

24 August – 4 September 1997
John Jennings


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