Reptiles of Lesvos

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Spur-thighed Tortoise Testudo graeca
Ipsilou, Lesvos, May 2004 © Steve Dudley

with thanks to Ilias Strachinis (

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Species name Scientific name
Spur-thighed Tortoise Testudo graeca
Balkan Terrapin Mauremys rivulata
European Pond Terrapin Emys orbicularis
Turkish Gecko Hemidactylus turcicus
Moorish Gecko Tarentola mauritanica
Starred Agama Laudakia stellio
Snake-eyed Lizard Ophisops elegans
Balkan Green Lizard Lacerta trilineata
European Glass Lizard Pseudopus apodus
Snake-eyed Skink Ablepharus kitaibelii
Worm Snake Typhlops vermicularis
Sand Boa Eryx jaculus
Eastern Montpellier Snake Malpolon insignitus
Large Whip Snake Dolichophis caspius
Dahl’s Whip Snake Platyceps najadum
Coin-marked Snake Hemorrhois nummifer
Dwarf Snake Eirenis modestus
Leopard Snake Zamenis situla
Grass Snake Natrix natrix
Dice Snake Natrix tessellata
European Cat Snake Telescopus fallax
Ottoman Viper Montivipera xanthina


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